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At Iwoscan, we're dedicated to revolutionizing your manufacturing operations with precision and efficiency. Discover two of our standout brands: Iwoguide and Iwoweight.

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Where is Iwoscan applicable?

Discover how Iwoscan transforms the landscape of the manufacturing industry. Explore each specific applicability page to learn more about how Iwoscan can benefit your organization in these diverse areas.

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Iwoguide - Real-time Operator Empowerment. Elevate your workforce with our versatile hardware solution. Iwoguide provides operators with real-time guidance, reduces errors, and enhances efficiency across various industries. Seamlessly connect with machinery, bridge language barriers, and gain insights into your work processes.

iwoscan manufactuirng assistant

Iwoweight - Precision Packaging & Quality Control. Bid farewell to packaging errors and quality control challenges. Iwoweight monitors package weights in real-time, ensuring error-free packaging. It also tracks work hours accurately and provides personalized stickers, all while offering invaluable business insights.


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